I love Romance and relationships!

If you feel stuck or almost have given up hope to get more love in your life then you are in the right place.

I have many many times activated my love area and worked in fun and playful ways to manifest love in my life.

I can help you and the love flow can happen fast. I love speed too : ) Are you ready? Book here

"My favorite date called me and wanted to meet the day after I put flowers in the South East area"

"I activated my love area and the day after a man showed up on FB. We met when we were in our late teens and I didnt know he was divorced. Fun fun!"

I use my homes to manifest things in my life. I play and create and things happen. I also honour my home and does uplifting things to it. All the care I have for my home is actually selfcare. I love and respect my home and my things and that makes me feel really good. Im very grateful that I have the ability to work with peoples homes and help create more flow in many different areas of life.

Now I have the foucs on helping as many as I can to get the love going.

Life is about love and we all want to feel good. Love and being in love is very nice.

Heartbreaks are not so nice but Ive worked through some heavy ones in my life and I still keep going for the love. Because it is what I live for. I also have come to calm down inside and enjoy myself and giving myself more love the last years.

If you need to work through some old layers from former relationships I can help you out on that too.

I started working with Feng Shui back in 2004 and after that I went deeper and took a training with Karen Kingston. She has written the book Clear your Clutter with Feng shui. She also trained Space Clearers and I was a lucky one that got in to her amazing training.

I remember when I was standing at my entrance door in my house. It was the first time I was going to Space Clear and the first step was to do hand sensing and feel and connect to the energy of the home. Wow...it was like my home spoke to me in words. Such gratitude to be able to have this knowledge and deep wanting so I can help clients change in a deep way. Clearing out old imprints and get the love flow going.

I have also since 2006 worked with deep methods for self transformation in Clairvision School of Meditation. Im so amazed about all the knowledge Ive gotten and it never ends. I love meditation and the stillness I can hold gives a beautiful quality to the work I do for clients.


Meditation is my life partner.
Painting, writing, sewing is dear to me.
I love my home, snow, skiing, ice skating, the colour orange, shoes and bags
I also deeply love humans and find it fascinating to observe and listen to them.

I welcome you to work with me.
It will be an honour!

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Jeanette Johansson
Bachelor in Psychology  1996
Classical Feng Shui practitioner  2004
Space Clearer and Clutter Clearing practitioner  2008
IST-practitioner  2009
Entity Clearer  2012