I turn your home in to a sacred place!

Jeanette has high integrity and is expressing herself with clarity and boldness.
She has the ability to handle strong energies and support a process of getting things moving.


If you really really want to get more flow in your life. This is for you!

Im holding your wantings high and work on the energies of your home so it will support you and your dreams in the best way ever.

The true magic of Space Clearing is all about bringing Spirit into matter. It presences a space with higher forces – making the space sacred in a conscious way and infusing the walls with the person’s vision for their life.

What Space Clearing can do for you!
- Space clearing opens your awareness to invisible energies. It can help you to create from the power within you. It clears inner blockages, thus leading to clarity and to your goals.
- Create intimate spaces to resolve differences in personal relationships. Many a relationship is reborn as a result of a Space Clearing. The ceremony helps the participants reconnect back to the love that was once there from the beginning.
- Space Clearing can boost your energy for months afterwards. It gives you that lift you need to let go of the old and to embrace the new.
- Have your workspace buzzing with the energy of success. Businesses experience increases in sales and a higher flow!
- Space Clearing allows you to really land and be present in your home and your life.

Please contact Jeanette for further information.
Your can write to her or book a free call here

Im situated in Sweden but travel if you have the wanting to get a Space Clearing from me. I also have beautiful colleagues out in the world I can recommend if they live closer to you and your home.