More love for you and your home!

Jeanette has high integrity and is expressing herself with clarity and boldness.
She has the ability to handle strong energies and support a process of getting things moving.


If you really really want to get more Love and Romance and flow in your life. This is for you!

Im holding your wantings high and work on the energies of your home so it will support you and your dreams in the best way ever. Whether you want a relationship or just a romance or have more clarity on this topic.

Im humbled to have the ability to help my clients in this magic way.

Space Clearing is about clearing out old imprints and creating new fresh energies in buildings which can bring a powerful effect in the life of the persons who live there.

I love to clear out old energy clouds and see how my clients feel the tangible effect of it. With ease and joy and my beautiful balinese bells I bring change to your home and life.

Please contact Jeanette for further information.

Im situated in Sweden but travel if you have the wanting to get a Space Clearing from me. I also have beautiful colleagues out in the world that I can recommend if thats closer to you and your home.