Living my passion!

I was 25!

I had a job as a project manager in Stockholm City in a bank organisation. It was an intense time. I was cool. Had nice suites and cool shoes. Enjoyed fun parties with my work mates. Also experienced lots of stress. Breakfast was a sandwich and coffee that I bought on my way up from the tube station. I sat in my office eating while preparing for the day.

A part of me loved the speed and the meetings with lots of different people and tricky problems to solve.

But I also had days I just could not get up. I had to rest. I got bad headaches after particularly hard meetings. It was a time in the bank when big stuff was changing so we dealt with lots of emotions from collegues.

I do want to have challenges but this got too much after some years. I started feeling like I did not find my way. My heart was not burning with passion for what I did. I got confused and stressed. I remember especially one afternoon on my way home from work. I sat on the train and it was raining outside and I simply felt I did not want to be in this world. Note: I did not think about how to kill myself. I just felt like I was lost and did not know where to turn.

Not long after I met a guy and something shifted with that romance but then that did not turn out well so in a clear moment I realised I had to quit my job and move out of the city. In this situation I decided that I wanted a life where I enjoyed every day. A life where a Monday has the same joy as a Friday. I wanted freedom and to live from my passion.

So I moved and I studied classic feng shui and I trained as a Space Clearer and I started my meditation journey. This was 2006 and since then I do feel free. But in the freedom I of course meet lots of challenges. But that is how life is and I see for sure that that is what makes us more awake and alive.

I love my life because I can be in charge of my time and where I am.

Since my time in the bank I have moved a lot and clutter clearing and space clearing is an ongoing path for me. They are tools I live with. Simple and straight forward tools that support my spiritual path.

When it comes to my passion for homes I have it partly from my mother that always cares for her space. As a kid I loved to play with my doll house. I cleaned and remodelled and made new curtains and furniture. Now clutter clearing and space clearing is my life. I live it. I use my skills to manifest what I want in life.

Our homes are a powerful tool for transformation. You can create what you want in life via your home. We often say that your home is your temple. A sacred place and space where you shall be inspired and held. Do your feel like that? Maybe time to see behind your stuff and learn more about what you want? I support you on this journey.

Magic happens when you care for your home. Space clearing are especially powerful for opening up flows from a higher level. I have seen it so many times in my own life and after I have worked with my clients. 

I would love to bring beautiful vibrations in to your life!

With gratitude

Firesnow Inspiration was founded in 2004.

1996 BA in psychology, Mid University of Sweden
2003 Flower Essence practitioner, Bram Zaalberg Netherlands
2004 Classic Feng Shui Practitioner, Feng Shui Seminars Roger Green
2008 Space Clearer, Clutter Clearer, Karen Kingston
2009 IST-Practitioner, regression, healing, meditation, Clairvision School
2012 Entity Clearer, Clairvision School


Your home hides lots of treasures.

It is time to bring it all out now so you can blossom and enjoy life.

Are you ready to let go of old and embrace the new to get closer to what your passion is?

In that case do not hesitate
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