Im so incredibly happy and inspired!
Can you believe that you have made me shift from years of no trust or hope and heavy feelings of being stuck towards a wanting for change. I am more brave now and I want to act and make decisions. So much gratitude. Thank you Jeanette!

Helena, Stockholm Sweden

CLEARING package

A life changing clearing ceremony in your home
+ 2 online sessions 1h each

I have seen how important it is to get support both before the clearing and some time after it is done. So much can happen and it is a precious time when preparing and then a few weeks after when the space has changed.
I want to guide you all the way and hold you and make the most out of our work together.

Contact me so we can find out if this is the way for you.
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I am glad we had you space clear our home. Feels like you shifted a downward going spiral to a light and uplifting energy. Our house feels alingned with our wantings and our frequences now. A light and harmonious sense. The kids are doing great and I have not heard my husband stress out about his business trips as he did before. Generally the feeling is more loving and soft in our whole family.
H. Söderlund, Östersund Sweden